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Health Economics 2020


Health Economics Conferences

Euroscicon organizes International Health care management Meetings annually across Europe, Austria, Ireland, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Finland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Scotland, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands Russia, Bulgaria, France, with solitary subject of quickening logical revelations.

EuroSciCon will be hosting the International Conference on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare Management to be held in November 23-24 2019, Webinar. The main theme of our conference “Cost effective health care intervention" with an objective to inspire young minds and their research abilities by providing an opportunity to meet the professionals in the field of pathology.

Health Policy and Health economics Conferences is foreseeing members from health economists, health policy makers, Researchers, Health care professionals, Academicians, Business experts, Health care administrators, Students, Government Officials over the world.

Health Economics 2020  gives an exciting opportunity to meet with like-minded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in health economics, health policy and health care management are hallmarks of this conference. 

International Health Economics Conferences concentrate on various territories of health economics, health policy and health care management, 6th World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare Management offers a select open door for examiners over the globe to meet, arrange, and see new logical innovations. This worldwide Health Economics  Congress likewise energizes the dynamic interest of youthful understudy analysts as we are facilitating Poster Award Competition and Young Research Forum at the gathering setting.

These Health Economics and health policy Conferences proceedings include symposiums and workshops, keynote speeches, plenary talks, poster sessions and panel discussion on latest research developments in the field of health economics, health policy and health care management

About Subject

Health Economics deals with the worldwide health care including the areas of research & policies improving the health care system of the people achieving health equity for all people worldwide and protection against the world threats in regard of public health. It verifies the health problems that transcend national boundaries and governments and involve actions on the world forces that determine the health of individuals.

Who can attend?

  • Health policy-makers
  • IT professionals who are interested in structuring practical research that measures the impact of proposed programs and health policy changes
  • Health care administrators
  • Ministry of Health staff at the policy, operational decision-making levels in central and decentralized units           
  • Ministry of Planning staff working in the health sector
  • Health economists
  •  Health care professionals
  • Clinicians
  • Researchers who have the on-the-ground skills of health care delivery and want to understand the logic of health care as an industry
  • Graduates from health sciences and social sciences
  • Students participating in the Master Health Sciences
  • Medical health officers - They will be able to provide better services to the consumer
  • Paramedical students – They manage various medical situations and economies of it and can be able to better advise the customers
  • Individual hospital facility is benefited as this facilitates them of the hospital and perceives what services are needed by the customers of the hospital and the way will they be funded.
  • Pharmaceutical and health insurance corporations will be benefited as this may facilitate in understanding the demand and provide varied health and insurance products and evaluate the economic viability of the same for the company.

Euroscicon are corporate members of the following organisations

Royal Society of Biology


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For Researchers & Faculty:

Speaker Presentations

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Symposium hosting

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For Universities, Associations & Societies:

Association Partnering

Collaboration proposals

Academic Partnering

Group Participation

For Students & Research Scholars:

Poster Competition (Winner will get Best Poster Award)

Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the best presenter)

Student Attendee

Group registrations

For Business Delegates:

Speaker Presentations

Symposium hosting

Book Launch event 

Networking opportunities

Audience participation

For Companies:

Exhibitor and Vendor booths

Sponsorships opportunities

Product launch

Workshop organizing

Scientific Partnering   

Marketing and Networking with clients


  • Health Economics and Pharmaceutical Health
  • Public health economics
  • Health Statistics
  • Health Insurance
  • Behavioural economics
  • Health Outcome Research
  • Health Economics Modelling
  • Health Policy
  • International Economics
  • Health Economics and Financing
  • Health Economics and Health Care Services
  • Health care Markets
  • Health Econometrics
  • Enterepreneur Investment Meet
  • Private Health care insurance
  • Physician services
  • Hospital Services
  • Care and Medical Malpractice
  • Nurses and Hospitals
  • Frontiers in Health Economics
  • Demand for Health Care and Medicare
  • Economics of Health innovation
  • Supply of Health care


Track 01:Global health economics: Worldwide wellbeing financial aspects manages the overall wellbeing including the territories of research and strategies enhancing the soundness of the general population accomplishing wellbeing value for all individuals worldwide and assurance against the worldwide dangers in respect of general wellbeing. It decides the medical problems that rise above national limits and governments and call for activities on the worldwide powers that decide the soundness of individuals.

Conference Image

Health care products

Healthcare Reforms

Health care delivery systems

Health competitive market

Health care industry

Universal health coverage

Health economics supply and demand

Health care market analysis

Mental Health Economics

Health economics and nursing

Health economics managed care


Track 02:Health economics  financing: Wellbeing financing manages how budgetary assets are created, assigned in wellbeing frameworks and is worried about how to draw nearer to all inclusive issues identified with giving adequate assets to wellbeing; beat money related hindrances in respect of wellbeing strategies; to give an effective wellbeing administrations. Great wellbeing is basic to human welfare and to supported monetary and social advancement. WHO's Member States have set themselves the objective of building up their wellbeing financing frameworks to guarantee that all individuals can utilize good administrations, while being ensured against monetary hardship related with paying for them.

Conference Image

Health systems service delivery

Health education

Publicly Financed Health Insurance

Health financing

Financial crisis and global health

Financing home health care

Health services economic database

Precision Health Economics


Track03: Health policy: Wellbeing financial matters is a field to concentrate that applies the hypothetical ideas and exact techniques for monetary examination to different issues all through the wellbeing segment, running from understanding hidden patient, supplier and backup plan practices to assess different human services intercessions. It gives specialization in the related fields of wellbeing financial aspects, wellbeing approach and social insurance administration with a specific spotlight on worldwide wellbeing systems. It builds up the ability to outline wellbeing change programs, break down strategy viability, perform monetary assessments of medicinal services intercessions, and recognize challenges for arrangement execution and administration issues by joining administration aptitudes with a sound information of financial matters and general wellbeing strategies.

Conference Image

Health Economic case studies
Health economics clinical trials

Health economics Medical devices

Health economics modelling

Health economics models

Health economics organisations

Health economics diseases

Health policy and law

Health and family welfare


Track04: Health promotion: Wellbeing advancement is the way toward empowering individuals to expand power over their wellbeing and its determinants, and in this way enhance their wellbeing. The essential methods for wellbeing advancement happen through creating general wellbeing strategy that tends to the requirements of wellbeing offices, for example, wage, lodging, sustenance security, business, and quality working conditions.

Conference Image

Strategies of Health Promotion

Health care facilities

Economic evaluation health promotion

Health marketing

Health literacy

Models of health

Health equity

Health Behavior


Track05: International Health Economics: International Health Economics is a connected field of concentrate that takes into account the methodical and thorough examination of the issues looked in wellbeing advancement. Wellbeing financial aspects is utilized to advance wellbeing through the investigation of medicinal services suppliers, monetary assets , doctor's facilities and centers, oversaw care and general wellbeing advancement exercises.

Conference Image

Health economics management

Demand and utilization

Physician and the Physician-Firm

Health system management

Evaluation of health policy and health services

Health economic assessment tools (HEAT)


Track06: Health insurance:  Medical coverage protect you against a few ailments and promises you remain monetarily secure. They shield your genuine feelings of serenity, dispose of all stresses over treatment costs, and enable you to concentrate your vitality on more essential things, such as showing signs of improvement. These medical coverage designs cover your costs in doctor's facility designs. The hospitalization inclusion might be repayment based plans or settled advantage designs. These designs mean to cover the more successive restorative costs.

Conference Image

Health insurance market

Health insurance plans

Health insurance services

Health insurance reimbursement

Social health insurance

Community health insurance

Private health insurance

Health Co payments


TRack07: Public Health Economics: General wellbeing financial experts assume a main job in enhancing rare assets to enhance wellbeing results. It gives an establishment to the comprehension of wellbeing financial matters as connected in the more extensive setting of wellbeing administrations look into. General wellbeing financial matters opens the understudy to the more extensive related scholastic orders of significance in understanding the connection of financial matters and worldwide wellbeing, for example, the study of disease transmission, general wellbeing and arrangement examination. Research in this stream covers work in the accompanying wide territories: (1) financial imbalances in and determinants of wellbeing and wellbeing practices, (2) social and monetary results of wellbeing and wellbeing practices, and (3) the monetary assessment of general wellbeing intercessions.

Conference Image

Economic Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases

Economics of Obesity & Life Style Diseases

Economic Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases

Public health behavioural economics

Economic evaluation and public health

Economics of Smoking

Economics and Mental Health

Child & Adolescent Health Economics

Economics of Disability and Disability policy

Environmental Health and Economics

Reproductive Health


Track08: Economic evaluation: Economic assessment is the similar examination of elective strategies regarding the two costs (asset utilize) and (results, impacts). It recognizes full financial assessment from monetary examinations which centre exclusively around expenses and asset utilize, or halfway monetary assessments.

Conference Image

Economic evaluation and health policy

Cost-effectiveness analysis

Economic evaluation healthcare

Medical and non -medical costs






Track09: Health econometrics: It is to survey the equalization of exchange between imports from econometrics writing into wellbeing financial aspects, and fare from wellbeing financial matters to a more extensive gathering of people. The key target is to fabricate limit in wellbeing innovation especially in the use of econometrics strategies and results of human services intercessions and social insurance use.

Conference Image

Supply & Demand

Cost and Functioning

Dynamics of Health

Healthcare costs

Heterogeneity in health

Modeling of Health

Health insurance econometrics


Track10: Mobile health Economics: Versatile wellbeing application is giving specialists and carers a chance to screen patients remotely, and by making it easier to gather immense measures of information on the viability of treatment and amid wellbeing crisis, the portable wellbeing industry, or m-wellbeing as it has turned out to be known, expects to drive down expenses while enhancing results for patients. Numerous portable wellbeing administrations are in progress in developing markets, where new cell phones and applications are mitigating weight on inadequately financed and not well prepared facilities and healing centres. Portable Health, the arrangement of wellbeing administrations empowered by versatile interchanges will change the manner in which human services is conveyed

Conference Image

e-health economics in nursing

Public Wellness APPS

Remote Data Access

Remote Diagnostics

Challenges for Regulation

Community health

Patient Monitoring and Compliance

Diseases Prevention


Track11: Health statistics: Wellbeing measurements are numbers about some part of wellbeing. Wellbeing insights and information are imperative since they measure an extensive variety of wellbeing pointers for a network. The most widely recognized measurements detailed are fundamental (birth, demise, marriage, separate from rates), horribleness and mortality.

Conference Image

Health statistics and data management

Health statistics research

e- Health statistics

Health economics surveys

Health economics market access

Life Expectancy

State Health Facts

National Health Care Surveys

National Death Index


Track12: Health economic outcomes: Wellbeing financial results are to examine the weight and aetiology of irresistible sicknesses and non-transferable infections among populaces and to assemble and spread information that will help enhance the quality and of wellbeing security crosswise over fringes. Their motivation is to address the basic issues over the worldwide wellbeing and encouraging association and coordinated effort over the humanity.

Conference Image

Health economics surveys

Health economics child obesity diseases

Universal Insurance Issues

Efficiency in insurance market

Economics of prevention and addiction

Pharmaceutical economics

The Demand for Health Insurance

Healthcare Policies and procedures


Track13: Health economics services : Wellbeing financial administrations investigate is a logical field that looks at how individuals gain admittance to social insurance professionals and human services administrations, how much consideration costs, and the end result for patients because of this consideration. The primary objectives of wellbeing administrations look into are to distinguish the best approaches to compose, oversee, back, and convey brilliant consideration and enhance understanding security.

Conference Image

Health services and research

Advances in health economic services

Behavioural Health Economics services

Health workforce research

Health Affairs

Medical Care Research and Review

Healthcare outcomes

Health Insurance Supply and Managed Care



Track14: Health economics managed care: Social insurance Management is the field relating to power, organization, and association of overall population wellbeing, wellbeing mindfulness frameworks, centers, and specialist's office frameworks. Social insurance officials can help enhance life for hundreds, even a huge number of individuals consistently. Human services administrators have a feeling of social mission—they profoundly care about the general population they work with and serve. Doctor's facilities and social insurance associations give chances to the individuals who need to "do well by doing great.

Conference Image

Health Care Providers

Health Care Utilization

Care and Medical Malpractice

Health promotion strategies

Health system database

Demand for Health Care and Medicare


IMPORTANCE AND SCOPE: Health financial aspects are characterized as the financial aspects connected on the savvy examination of medicinal services. It is the least complex courses that amid which this will be earned as by coordinating the medicinal services administrations and the repayment technique consistently. The treatments, be it antiquated or imaginative ones, should be skilfully focused to improve the clinical results also as enhance the tending costs. The primary focus of medicinal services frameworks over the globe is on diminishing the value of wellbeing administrations per individual. Advances in therapeutic innovation and better reliance on medicinal gadgets has made it basic for those inside the restorative gadgets has made it basic for those in the medicinal gadgets industry to bring wellbeing financial aspects into genuine thought.

OVERVIEW: Health  Economics 2019 means to unite experts from each corner who share a pledge to diminish the worldwide weight with the subject "Value in conveyance and financing of health  administrations and human services crosswise over life cycle" expecting in excess of 350 social insurance experts, working in and past Health Economics to share encounters and best practices through welcomed keynote, entire addresses, symposium, workshops, welcomed sessions and notices covering a scope of points and critical issues which influence all of us from the exploration to the useful executions. We trust and expect Health Economics 2019 subject to rouse various research roads, and anticipate talking about thoughts, discoveries and cooperative energies, in this International Academic Forum.


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  • Health Economics Analyzes the economic aspects of health and healthcare, with a focus on the costs (inputs) and consequences (outcomes) of healthcare interventions. Whereas Outcomes Research evaluates the effect of healthcare interventions on patient-related clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes. Demonstrate information of the jobs and restrictions of business sectors and impetuses in wellbeing frame works.
  • Distinguish between the different styles of monetary investigation and demonstrate a comprehension of advantages and disadvantages of the different methodologies.
  • Critically audit distributed financial assessments of wellbeing advancements; Demonstrate a comprehension of the strategies used to familiarize the two expenses and advantages in the investigation of human services.
  • Fiscal worries for Medicare began in the in the year 1957
  • Federal medical coverage was accommodating the senior, incapacitated and end organizes renal sickness for Hospitalization, Ambulatory consideration, Prescription medications.
  • Medicare insights for 2016:

Federal protection was given to 57 million beneficiaries to $540 billion. This was 15 per cent of the government spending plan and 3.0 per cent of GDP.

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  • Exchanging  thoughts and system with driving Health Economists, Public Health Economists, Doctors, Nurses, doctors, Health strategy producers, Health experts and Economic Evaluators from in excess of 40 nations
  • Discuss quality activities that might be connected inside the training
  • Discuss manners by which to work together in golf shot quality activities in situ put all through the Health Economics examination
  • Participants will increase guide access to a center group of onlookers of experts and chiefs and might build perceivability through marking and systems administration at the meeting
  • Learn and talk about key news and difficulties with senior level speakers. With introductions, board talks, gathering discourses, and workshops, we cover each subject start to finish, from worldwide large scale issues to methodologies to strategic issues.

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  • Health approach producers
  • Health care managers
  • Health care experts
  • Ministry of Health staff at the arrangement, operational basic leadership levels in focal and decentralized unit
  • Ministry of Planning staff working in the wellbeing segment
  • Health financial experts
  • Clinicians
  • Researchers who have the on-the-ground abilities of human services conveyance and need to comprehend the rationale of medicinal services as an industry
  • Graduates from wellbeing sciences and sociologies
  • IT experts who are keen on organizing down to earth investigate that estimates the effect of proposed projects and wellbeing strategy changes
  • Students taking an interest in the Master Health Sciences
  • Medical wellbeing officers - They will have the capacity to give better administrations to the purchaser
  • Paramedical understudies – They oversee different restorative circumstances and economies of it and can have the capacity to more readily prompt the clients
  • Individual healing facility office are profited as this encourage them of the clinic and see what administrations are required by the clients of the doctor's facility and the way will they be subsidized.

Pharmaceutical and medical coverage organizations will be profited as this may encourage in understanding the interest and give differed wellbeing and protection items and assess the financial feasibility of the equivalent for the organization.